Inspire to Lead Summit Geneva 2018



Young people are the core of the global community and have become central in most policy and decision making processes.

It is fundamental to empower the next generation of leaders through formative programs on leadership, human rights, public affairs, communication skills and social participation mechanisms.

InterMedia Social Innovation and Collège Universitaire Henry Dunant present INSPIRE TO LEAD 2018 summit in Geneva.


2018 SCOPE

This year meetings will be focused on the 2030 Agenda and the different international scenarios as well as useful tools and actions in the generation of agreements with international organizations and institutions on critical aspects regarding development, education and human rights.



It is a program for people who work or wish to work in:

  1. Social and political organizations.
  2. Local, national and international public offices.
  3. Human rights promotion organizations.
  4. Universities and educational
  5. Youth organizations.
  6. Communications offices.
  7. Research centers and think tanks.
  8. Cultural and religious institutions.
  9. Social, scientific and cultural promotion projects.
  10. Media and social enterprises.